Eternal SPRAY NOZZLE CO.,LTD is a leading manufacture of industrial water spray nozzle, plastic nozzle,

mist nozzle,air nozzle, air shower nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, sand blasting nozzle ,ceramic spray nozzle

and our product is widely used in various industries including automotive, cement, chemical, electronics,

food, pharmaceutical, steel industry, environmental protection and surface treatment industrial coveres

more than 20, 000 square meters for production & research & development.Our company insists on strict

quality standards. We passed the certificationof ISO9001 International Quality Management System and

have been carrying out quality control strictly according to the requirements of this system.

We provide all our products with the best quality, the inexpensive prices, the punctual delivery and the best

service for all customers.

Features product as below:

fog nozzles, fog misting nozzles, high pressure fog system , air atomizing nozzles, spiral nozzles, flat fan

spray nozzles, solid cone spray nozzles, hollow cone spray nozzles/full cone spray nozzles, flood jet nozzles,

high pressure nozzles, tank washing nozzles,silicone carbide nozzles, sand blasting nozzles, filter nozzles,

plastic adjustable ball (clamp) nozzles, clip eyelet nozzles, wind jet nozzles, mixing educators, plastic nozzles,

PP nozzles, teflon nozzles, PVC nozzles, PVCF nozzles, ABS nozzles, and ceramicnozzles. Sandblasting

nozzle ,dripper irrigation fogger

Already exported to the UK, the USA, Canada, Korea, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Russia

and other countries and regions.

most professional service, excellent quality, reasonable price,Eternal is the best choice for you.

We have rich experienced technicians and sales staff to provide customers with technical
advice and services, and has offices in Dongguan and Changsha, Jiangsu


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