Sapphire/ruby nozzle
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Sapphire/ruby nozzle

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Sapphire/ruby nozzle is made of blue or ruby(α-Al2O3≥99.99%),the jacket of this nozzle can be SS,AL, used in instrument measuring , CNC, and high pressure nozzle ,high pressure cutting, Drops of blood for medical purposes, and so on. In synthetic fibers, dyes, food processing industries and thermal instrument, such as railways and aerial mapping automatically recording instruments have been widely used, such as using the standard diameter gauge, indicator, observations clock gas, potentiometer, aerospace and aerospace gyroscopes medium.

●OD:0.60 ~ 8.00mm, tolerance 0.006 ~ 0.03
●H:0.40 ~ 4.50mm, tolerance0.02 ~ 0.10
●ID:0.08 ~ 3.00mm, tolerance 0.004 ~ 0.03
●length of straight hole :0.10 ~ 2.50mm, tolerance 0.02 ~ 0.08
●taper:60°~120°, tolerance±5°

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