• 1D or 2D Swing jet nozzle
  • 1D or 2D Swing jet nozzle
1D or 2D Swing jet nozzle
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1D or 2D Swing jet nozzle

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1D or 2D Swing jets:
Swing jets are divided into centripetal swing and centrifugai swing by their modeing of fountain and design of transmission mechanism. But their principles are both using the rotating of electric machine to drive each transmission mechanism, and make each main pipe of fountain to do periodic swing. The water shape sprayed by the jets looks like the fairies are dancing lightly. The swing setting jets swing limberly with advanced technology, swing degree can be optionally adjusted accordingto the size of the pool.
The swing jets can be classified as follows:
1.Unidirectional swing jets system
2.Bidirectional swing jets system
3.Muti unit swing jets system
4.Twist swing jets system
5.Centripetal swing jets system
6.Centrifugal swing jets system
7.Circle swing jets system
8.Knitmesh swing jets system
9.High altitude swing jets system

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