• 360degree large tank washing nozzle
  • 360degree large tank washing nozzle
360degree large tank washing nozzle
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360degree large tank washing nozzle

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Fluid-driven impeller inside the nozzle , turn drives the nozzle base and nozzle rotating
to achieve a 360 ° spherical space cleaning via gear deceleration
Can not use low flash point liquids ( such as gasoline , etc. ) , cleaning flammable storage tanks, to ensure
a good grounding
6001 -type nozzle is mainly used in the field of large-scale tank cleaning , suitable for cleaning cleaning
radius within 3-30 meters
application :
The beer industry, wine industry , transport , paper industry, the ethanol industry , chemical industry,
oil industry , municipal sanitation , fuel , food and beverage industry , paint , etc.
product features:
1 , three-dimensional 360 ° rotating cleaning, full coverage without blind 100% cleaning .
2 , rotation and revolution using the gear , cleaning the track regularly and evenly distributed .
3 , the real low-pressure cleaning, no need to replace the pump and pipeline , just replace the nozzle is ok

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