High pressure flat fan de-phosphorusized spray nozzle
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High pressure flat fan de-phosphorusized spray nozzle

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The water come into High pressure de-phosphorusized spray nozzle being high pressure water when spraying, less resistance ,high velocity and impact,it can makes flow formed a narrow shape so high impact for steel,, also, it has filter anti-clog function


1)high impact,rectifier device inside keep water stable , flow resistance small, velocity high, thereby greatly to improve impact force;

2)Best de-phosphorusized effect: due to rectifier stable the flow, flow density increases, formed thin and uniform of high pressure water jet, thereby effective to remove iron oxide attached in metal surface

3) High use life: tungsten steel spray tip which improve the uselife of nozzle; best anti-clog performance , filter inside can be effective in preventing blockage of impurities in the water which improve the quality of workpiece material and equipment operation rate are important.

4)working pressure range: 10~30MPA, at different working pressures, have different flow, 5) spray angle at 26 degrees, 30 degrees, 40 degrees

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