full jet spray nozzle

full jet spray nozzle

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HG series fulljet spray nozzle features a full cone spray pattern with a round
impact area and spray angles between 43°and 106°.
they produce a uniform distribution to large sized drops over a wide range of standard
flow rates and pressure,their uniform spray distribution result from a unique
vane design ,large and easy flow passage and superior spray control design.
Machined critically,HG series metal nozzles insure correct and dependable performance
with exact sizes,they are ideal for spplications requiring complete coverage to
certain area.
HG seris metal nozzles have remove cap and vane,can be suitably connected with
pipe collection and multi-pipe,under this design way,its working-end(cap and vane)
can be knocked down off the nozzle body to be overhauled and cleaned,without HG HGG
knocking down the nozzle body off the pipe.

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