high pressure fog nozzle with SS orific
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high pressure fog nozzle with SS orific

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high-pressure fog spray nozzles are composed of internal and external chemical filters, plate core, nozzle plunger and the orifice,which is a kind of hydraulic high-pressure, generally required of 7-70KG pressure to spray fog, Application:garden, landscape, dust, lower humidity, the ideal nozzle to eliminate static electricity, Material:brass, stainless steel or ceramic nozzle orifice embedded also be made of in order to meet high pressure conditions

1, 2 wet blasting, air humidification 3, 4 chemical treatment, chemical spray 5, 6 liquid spraying, tobacco humidifying 7, 8 tablet coating, evaporative cooling flue 9, 10 sterilization, cooling member 11, fruit spray wax 12, 13 glazed tiles, plant humidification 14, salt spray test 15, 16 artificial fog, humidification, etc. other places

thread size: 1/8", 3/16.umc10-24

material: SS, brass, brass with cr plating, brass+SS

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