MEQ Series Self-Clean Spray Nozzle
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MEQ Series Self-Clean Spray Nozzle

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It features an automatic increase of pressure in case of orifice clogging, thus the orifice diameter is enlarged and the clogging mathers are cleared away. Then the spray orifice returns to normal. In the elliptical orifice design, the axis of the spray pattern is a continuation of the axis of the inlet pipe connection. The tapering edges of the flat fan spray nozzles are useful in establishing overlapping patterns between adjacent sprays on a mutiple nozzle header.

Common applications:

Paper making: Meshingwork cleaning, felt cleaning and roller cleaning

Steel plate cleaning in continuous casting machine

Water treatment: Filter screen squeezer cleaning, conveyor, squeezer cleaning, deaerating and surface cleaning of aerating filter-sand.

Electronics: PCB cleaning

Automotive and household appliance: Pretreatment before coating.

Performance Data

Spray angle: 15-120degree

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