open type water sprinkle nozzle
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open type water sprinkle nozzle

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ZSTK open sprinklers usually work   together  with rain alarm valves, deluge valve supporting the use of fire extinguishing system  . In case of fire , the raining water flows into the hose after the system is turned from the open fire sprinklers spray achieve results. When making the water curtain system as a fire separation , usually arranged in two rows , and should ensure that the water curtain width of not less than six meters .
Features :
1.ZSTK open sprinklers : upright drooping , side walls and other merchandise .
2. should be installed , spray angle of multiple choice ; can be used repeatedly , greatly reducing post- extinguishing system maintenance costs .3. The structure of the novel , compact , attractive appearance. Ensure a precise spray pattern and maximum water curtain .
The body of copper alloy, durable, usually chrome type for users.
The main performance parameters :
1 ) Rated working pressure : 1.2MPa
2 ) Water Interface : DN15, DN20
3 ) Material : Stainless steel , copper alloys.

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