1/8unc high pressure anti-drop foging nozzle
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1/8unc high pressure anti-drop foging nozzle

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FD series of high-pressure fog spray nozzles are composed of internal and
external chemical filters, plate core, nozzle plunger and the orifice,which is a
kind of hydraulic high-pressure, generally required of 7-70KG pressure to
spray fog, Application:garden, landscape, dust, lower humidity, the ideal
nozzle to eliminate static electricity, Material:brass, stainless steel or
ceramic nozzle orifice embedded also be made of in order to meet high
pressure conditions
parameter oFDfN/NY series

orific: 0.1~0.5mm

flow rate: 10-243cc/m3 at 20-70bar pressure

thread size: 1/8 umc

materail:(SS.brass)+ ceramic orific

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