Impact SS fog nozzle
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Impact SS fog nozzle

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Impact fog Nozzle Features:
stainless steel atomizing nozzles are one of the key components of the artificial fog system, the artificial fog systems engineering can be used in gardens, parks, city squares, residential area, its cloud effect is natural and realistic, low-cost, but also purify the air. The nozzle droplet diameter of 10-20um, tapered atomization effect, spray height of 1.5 m or more, a single nozzle fog diffusion blank for a long time more than 2 m2.
Originality of nozzle design, the core technology of the ruby atomizing nozzle. Produced ruby nozzle which is characterized by using ruby as the main material highly resistant to wear, so that it can fully bear long due to high pressure to bring the high-speed flow impact friction, greatly enhancing the wear resistance of nozzle at the nozzle orifice, extended service life. Gem material Precision cut openings, increased the spout precision, perfect atomization.

thread: 1/4". 1/8"

orific size; 0.15mm,0.18mm .0.2mm .0.25mm.0.3mm(1/8")

orific size;0.5mm,0.6mm.0.7mm,0.8mm, 1.0mm( 1/4")

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